The Marist St Pats Family is precious!

You will have heard of the Marist St Pats Shamrock Foundation. The Foundation is a registered charitable trust. Amongst the charitable objectives of the Foundation will be the education of people in the benefits to health and well-being from participating in amateur sports and recreational activities.

Since its establishment of the Foundation, some members of the Marist St Pats family have already asked if it was possible to make a bequest to the Foundation.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is an instruction in your will regarding the distribution of funds, property or specific assets. It is a touchstone of how you want to be remembered. By including a bequest in your will, you and your family can remember the Club and support the work of the Marist St Pats Shamrock Foundation.

How to make a Bequest to the Marist St Pats Shamrock Foundation

The following suggested wording may assist you in your discussion with your solicitor to prepare a codicil to your Will.

I give the sum of $ … (insert sum) to Marist St Pats Shamrock Foundation, Wellington

Should you like to discuss making a bequest please feel free to contact one of the Trustees of the Foundation: Alan Woods, Charlie Graham, John Holden or Mick Robbers or email the Foundation at

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