Ruffy Mollo and Michael Sood made Life Members

The 46th Annual General Meeting of Marist St Pats was held at the clubrooms this week. Usually the items of interest are the financials of the club, the election of the management board and the nomination of any proposed life members.

Treasurer Paul Churchman painted a realistic picture to club members, one of a changing environment for club rugby. We need to diversify revenue streams and be frugal with expenses if we are to continue the proud traditions at the club.

The management board will be very settled in 2017 with the only change being that of the Club President. John Wootton will pass on his responsibilities to Pat Martin who served as Vice President this year. Michael Hansen will continue as Chairman.

There were two nominations for Life Membership: Ruffy Mollo and Michael (Soody) Sood; both of which were accepted (video below).

The first nomination was read by Kevin Horan who noted the commitment of Ruffy over 40 years with the club where he has filled many roles, from team management to Club Chairman. Each role has been carried out with dedication and thoroughness.

The second nomination was read by Terry Manion. He described Soody's service to the club as being carried out with '...enthusiasm, professionalism, and with an enduring passion for our club.' Soody has also performed many roles for the club, recently in management with Premiers and as an MC for club events; Terry also noted the actions he takes behind the scenes.

The Club congratulates Ruffy and Soody on their Life Memberships and thanks them for their ongoing dedication to our great club.

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