Changes to Coaching Development Officer structure

Wellington Rugby have changed the objectives and the funding approach to support its ambitions for club and community rugby. Rather than having a primary focus on coach and player development, the new programme has different objectives to increase engagement between clubs and schools. The key objective is to increase participation and retention of players and coaches, especially female players.

This means the current 14 Coaching Development Officer (CDO) roles across Wellington clubs will no longer exist in their current form.

For Marist St Pats this means Kas Lealamanua, who has filled our CDO role since 2013, will finish in this position on 30 September 2018.

During his time in the role Kas has earned huge respect from all players and coaches for the support & guidance he has given across the club. Kas has an in-depth understanding of the game and coaching and willingly shares his experience and knowledge. A strength of Kas are the relationships he builds with players of all ages. This is very evident when he greets all players with a handshake and a big smile.

We thank Kas for the years of great service to the Club in this role and look forward to his continuing involvement with the club in albeit a different capacity.

An announcement on how Marist St Pats will structure ourselves to meet the new objectives from Wellington Rugby will be made soon.

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